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The Darkness Below Book Cover by crimsonfrostx The Darkness Below Book Cover :iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 0 0 My Walking Dead Crew by crimsonfrostx My Walking Dead Crew :iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 2 0 The Winter Soldier by crimsonfrostx The Winter Soldier :iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 3 0 Wild Academy Elora by crimsonfrostx Wild Academy Elora :iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 1 0 The Walking Dead Oc by crimsonfrostx The Walking Dead Oc :iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 1 0 Wild Academy Cover by crimsonfrostx Wild Academy Cover :iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 0 0
Jack Frost x Reader Chapter 4 Nightmares
It had been just a couple days since Jack had left. You had a permanent pout stuck on your face since then and you moped around the house. The quietness in the house was practically deafening to you and all you wanted was to see Jack's mischievous smile. It honestly didn't help the fact that you hadn't been sleeping all the well. Your dreams were plagued with dark nightmares about black ice. You would wake exhausted and sweaty, the sheets twisted around you, caging you in.
In another week, your parents would be back home and everything would be normal. That was something you dreaded and something you yearned for all at the same time. The normalcy of family and noise but the absence of Jack.
After finishing the movie Elf, you stood up and stretched. You looked at the clock on the wall and decided that it was late enough and you were exhausted. Turning off the T.V. and the living room lights, you slowly dragged yourself up the stairs and headed to your room. Closing the door behind you,
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 8 3
Marshall Lee x Reader Movie Night Debates
It had been a couple of weeks  since you moved into Marshall Lee's house. Your own tiny apartment had just finished being repaired but you were perfectly content where you were. It was a Friday night and you and Marshall Lee were cuddled up on the couch trying to decide which movie to watch.
"Let's watch a horror movie!!" You practically bounced from Marshall Lee's lap with your excited suggestion. Marshall Lee just lifted an eyebrow with a small smirk.
"You do remember it's my turn to pick, right?" With that said Marshall Lee floated from his spot and landed next to you and the pile of movies on the floor. You looked up at him and pouted slightly. You sighed. "Fine, but make sure it's not something boring," you warned and retreated from his side to sit back on the couch. Marshall Lee just chuckled. "Have you ever known me to like boring (y/n)?"
You took a second to think before you slowly shook your head. "No...but you do love to do weird things just to annoy the crap out of me,"
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 149 15
Loki x Reader God of Mischief
You're glaring up at the dark haired God as he easily pins your arms above your head with one hand as his other snakes down to your waist. At the moment, Loki was straddling your hips on the plush red couch in Stark Tower. The Avengers were scattered on different floors or out on simple missions, leaving you to deal with the up-to-no-good God. Loki grinned darkly down at you and you swore if looks could kill, the God of Mischief would be no more. "Don't. You. Dare. Loki." You hissed out. This only seemed to make his grin widen.
He leaned in, his cool breath tickling your ear and neck, making you shiver beneath him. "You should know not to dare me, darling," he purred. Leaning back, he smirked down at you and your (e/c) eyes widened as you began struggling beneath him. "No, please. Loki I'll do anything just don't--!" You were cut short as his fingers danced across your waist and you let out a squeal. You were withering beneath him and trying to break his hold on you but his grip only t
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 62 12
Loki x Depressed!Reader You're Never Alone
Ok, warning. This one is a little depressing but Loki saves the day. If your not into sadness then I caution you not to read. I really don't want to offend anyone either. Welp...Here you go.
You had had enough. From the laughing faces of kids at school to the parents and siblings that were never there for you. In your mind you were all alone. You had no other family that truly understood you and you had no friends at school. School life was painfully slow as the kids talked about the shy, quiet girl who sat alone at lunch and would always sit in the back of the classroom.
Hopefully tonight, you could get away from all of the loneliness. You had left a note on the kitchen counter, saying farewell to your family for the last time. They weren't home, as usual. They had went to the movies and left you alone in your room. You didn't even realize they were gone until you ventured down for a glass of water, wher
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 164 48
Jack Frost Chapter 3 Snowflakes and Dates
Your (e/c) fluttered open and a large yawn made it's way past your lips. Looking groggily towards the window, you noticed that the sky was just beginning to lighten with the promise of a sunny day. Again you yawned as you began to stretch yourself out on the bed, turning on your side and squeezing your eyes shut. When your eyes opened, you stopped breathing.
A pale face was merely inches away from yours. You gasped in surprise and fumbled out of your bed. You landed with an 'oof!' on the carpeted floor but still your sleeping company didn't stir. Peeking up over the bed, you examined the stranger. Smooth porcelain skin, messy snow white hair. Blue hooded jacket with intricate snow patterns around the shoulders and neck with light tan trousers. The palm of your hand met with your face and you let out a deep sigh. It was Jack. He was real. Not a dream or hallucination from when you hit your head. And he was sleeping in your bed. Great. Just great.
Grumbling, you slowly stood and passed b
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 8 2
Vincent Valentine x Reader Part 1
The gruesome yet beautiful hellish wolves surrounded you, their maka infused eyes glowing harshly in the still, dark night. You clutched your wounded shoulder, biting your lip and gripping the only dagger you had left.You were feeling dizzy from the lack of blood but you fought against the heaviness that tried to drag you down. You had gotten stranded in the middle of no where and the sun had quickly fallen, leaving you vulnerable to the wild hunters who were prowling for weak prey. You became that prey.
Your bike was now torn to pieces and you were completely out numbered. Make it count. One shot. Last stand. All of these cliched "before I die" thoughts ran through your mind and you struggled to stand in the rightful attack position. If you were going to die, you were going to take out as many of those beasts you could. They growled in unison, sounding like thunderous roars.
You kicked off, using the last of your energy as you sliced one after the other. As you raised your dagger to s
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 27 21
Claude Faustus x Reader my princess
Its been two months since the contract was made with Claude Faustus and he became your protector. He enrolled into your high school as a senior, and had all of your classes and even your lunch. He was by your side every second of every day and would be until it was your time.
"Hey, (y/n)~!" You turned towards the voice and saw one of your friends running to you. When she finally caught up, she stopped in front of you and Claude. "Hey, we're all going to go hang out at the beach after school. Wanna come with?"
You looked towards Claude, who had a bored expression on his face. Turning back to your friend, you fake a smile. "Sure thing! Wouldn't miss it for the world. See you, then!" You shouted over your shoulder as you quickly made your get away to your next class. Claude walked silently beside you as he always did. "I'm making you go swimming, Claude~" You said while smiling.
He only grunted in response and held open the classroom do
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 68 15
Marshall Lee x Reader Room-mate
            The vampire king looked down at you and smirked. Your cheeks were growing red, your lip was pouted out and you turned your head in the direction of some boring boxes. Marshall Lee had you pinned to the ground of your new bedroom located in HIS house. You had this coming.
    The week before, Flame Prince chased after Ice Queen, leaving fire and destruction in his wake. Part of that destruction, just happened to be your apartment. Not having enough money to rent another apartment(your wallet was in the living room, which was now ash -_-), you pleaded with every friend you had. Fionna and Cake were obviously your first choice, but it turned out they were out on a mission and wouldnt be back for a few days. With a heavy heart, you wandered into Candy Kingdom, requesting to speak to Prince Gumball. But of course, he too was busy with reconstruction of the kingdom. You didnt even
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 284 91
Koga x Reader Slowing Down
    "Koga!" You whined, stomping angrily behind the leader of the wolf tribe. "Your going way too fast! Wait up!" you shouted into the night sky. The sound of a strong breeze whirling towards you made you raise your arms to cover your face. A hand landing on your shoulder made you jump. "K-Koga!"
   The ravenette just chuckled at your surprised and irrateted expression. "What? You called for me, didn't you?" he asked with a smug look on his face. You frowned and turned away from him, resuming the trecherous walk. "You know the rest of us weren't lucky enough to get shards of the Shicon Jewel. I can never keep up with you!"
   You were a new addition to the wolf tribe but you quickly found your place amoung your new family and friends. One of your new friends being Koga, the young flirtatious leader. You had to admit that you had grown quite found of him. You were the only one who he would slow down for and that made you smile brightly.
   While y
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 168 16
Grell Sutcliff x Reader Surprise Me (One-shot)
You watched as the long crimson haired man shook his hips on his way over to you. You sweat dropped and resisted doing a huge face plant into your palms. "(y/n)-Chan!! So glad to see you, darlin'~" he cooed. You simply ignored his usual greeting and focused to the task ahead of you. "Don't be like that (nickname)~! You simple can't ignore this star right in front of you, can you?"
When you didn't respond, he pouted. "What's with you giving me the silent treatment? I swear that heartless Will has spent way to much time with you," Grell rattled on while you tried to stay focused on the pile of paper worked that consumed the desk in front of you. You honestly adored the red-loving weirdo but he could be a handful at times.
You sighed and glanced over at the reaper. "Listen, Grell. It's good to see you again to but I'm really busy here so if you don't mind, could you please come back later?" you tried asking as politely as possible. You felt your heart throb as Grell's features displayed h
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 78 9


A Light in the Dark (Daryl x Reader Part 2)
    You couldn't help it. You screamed. The corpse snarled as you pushed it away, falling back yourself in response. It clawed at your legs as you pulled away, quickly moving to get to your feet. You kicked at it's head, your boot smashing at it's decaying skull. Knife in hand, you lunged to force its blade into it's head. The dead one fell, head hitting the ground with a thud.
    But you didn't have time to retrieve your weapon when another one was upon you. Black blood and pieces of it's flesh fell from it's face as you fought to keep the gnashing teeth away from you. It waved one nubby arm at you, the other arm completely torn from the skinny, rotten body. A bloody drool oozed from it's mouth onto your cheek causing your stomach to clench. You swallowed back the little food that attempted to push it's way out. As you turned you head, your hands slipped. You braced yourself for the pain.
    Instead the corpse fell on you, dead weight. Yo
:iconthetinywolf:TheTinyWolf 7 2
Daryl Dixon X Reader - Country Strong - Part 2
    Daryl’s POV
                    Daryl, Michonne, and Maggie had been on a run when they came across a person knelt down in the middle of the road. It was a girl and from what they could tell she was covered in blood.
“What do you think?” Maggie says as she leans toward the front seats as she tries to get a better look.
“Better safe than sorry.” Daryl says as he grabs his crossbow from Maggie and quietly opens his door followed by Michonne and Maggie close behind. All the sudden the girl whirls toward them to reveal her blood stained face.
“Are you okay? Are you bitten?” Maggie asks as she eyes the girl up and down. 
    The strange blood covered girl slowly shakes her head and raspily says, “Not… Bitten…” Before she collapses to the pavement unconscious.
:iconberjhawn:Berjhawn 32 18
Chibi Base by BEKbases Chibi Base :iconbekbases:BEKbases 4,992 425 Pony Couple Base v.2 +Paint version by HamaTTe Pony Couple Base v.2 +Paint version :iconhamatte:HamaTTe 1,222 117 005. Couple base by pixel-dolls 005. Couple base :iconpixel-dolls:pixel-dolls 2,324 241 Base Fix - Cuddle Couple by Shadow-Bases Base Fix - Cuddle Couple :iconshadow-bases:Shadow-Bases 480 45 Pony couple base by Shadeila Pony couple base :iconshadeila:Shadeila 1,372 436 Last Breath Base by SuperRawrZ Last Breath Base :iconsuperrawrz:SuperRawrZ 2,244 251 Towel base by RastaPickney-Juls
Mature content
Towel base :iconrastapickney-juls:RastaPickney-Juls 497 57
Wish In A Well Base by YummehCrayons Wish In A Well Base :iconyummehcrayons:YummehCrayons 2,428 209 Base Fix - Surprised Kiss by Shadow-Bases Base Fix - Surprised Kiss :iconshadow-bases:Shadow-Bases 638 45 Base Fix - This Is Now My Girl by Shadow-Bases Base Fix - This Is Now My Girl :iconshadow-bases:Shadow-Bases 543 29 Base Edit - It'll Be Okay by Shadow-Bases Base Edit - It'll Be Okay :iconshadow-bases:Shadow-Bases 590 41 You Will Love Me Base by Anime-In-My-Pants You Will Love Me Base :iconanime-in-my-pants:Anime-In-My-Pants 1,836 256




Hey guys. I've been writing x Readers lately but I dont know who else to pair up with. You guys can make requests (PLEASEEEE) of an character in an anime/game. ^_^

Anime/Games open

Final Fantasy
Kingdom of Hearts
Shugo Chara
Black Butler
(Jack Frost because Why the hell not?)
Plus more


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